Jar of Hearts

1. before I formally engulf myself in studying for my upcoming Analytical Chemistry exam, I opted for a quick break disguised as a photoshoot. credits to my tripod. :D
2. this dress is DIY’ed. I love it.
3. this blazer, which is silver inside and comes with an optional bow button, is from a thrift shop.
4. these shoes are my from my mom’s debut. I can’t believe they still look great and almost new. haha.
5. my earrings have heart prints on them.
6.overall, my outfit costs really and I mean REALLY cheap. :D
7. I really SHOULD be studying right now. haha. XD


I have been singing this song for weeks!! It won't leave my mind. It keeps playing and playing and playing and I think I'm gonna go crazy coz of it. hahaha. However, it did inspire me for my outfit. ♥

heart print earring! ♥

Much love, Janine ♥


Owl and Bear

   “We want what we don’t have”… something I’ve pondered upon for a while. It’s very true. I’ve witnessed it happening around me. I’ve even experienced it. People who are fair-skinned get tans. Those who are dark skinned buy all sorts of whitening products. Those who have curly hair get their hair rebonded and straightened. Those who have straight hair get their hair curled. Those who are short want to become taller. And no, not many tall girls want to get shorter. Haha. But, well, you get my point. 
     See, I’m a very short girl. When I was about 10 years old or something, I was so short and skinny, even skinnier than I am now. I get teased often. I think the teasing affected me so much. I got very awkward and shy. I was very insecure about the way I look. I wanted to look like all the other pretty girls… However, when I got older, I got more and more comfortable with myself. I suddenly realized that I shouldn’t be affected by what other people say. The more I got comfortable, the more I got confident. The more I got confident, the more I became happy. I said to myself, “Hey, screw what they say, I’m happy and I think I’m pretty.” I think that when you feel and believe that you ARE pretty, it comes out and shows in your aura or something, because now I’ve even been told that I am. :)
    Insecurities hold you back…hold you from living your life well. If you let them go and accept yourself the way you are, you’ll see that there’s more to life than just that. You’d be able to spend more time doing things that would be worth while and that would make you immensely happy.
We are all made beautiful. Those who say otherwise believe in certain standards which they think make someone or something beautiful. Well I say those standards are just plain bogus. Don’t believe them. :)

Here's my DIY bracelet. :)

Details on my top (United Colors of Benetton)...

Much love, Janine. ♥


Yay for this tutorial! ♥

Awesome! I am really bad at using liquid eyeliner. I make such a mess with it. haha. This tutorial is heaven sent! Thanks to Andreea's blog: Thrill of the heel, which I am oh so following now, I discovered this! ♥

Lauren Conrad is soooo pretty!! :>


Now you see me... Now you don't.

I've just recently watched two korean movies: Windstruck and My Sassy Girl. They're old movies, people have been talking about them years ago, but the loser moi did not watch them that time. haha. They made me laugh my ass off at the beginning and made me cry my eyes out at the latter parts of the movie. I recommend these movies to everyone for those days you just want to relax and have some comfy time alone... that is if you haven't watched them yet like me. :D

Another spontaneous photoshoot I must say. It's a good thing my little brother is getting used to this. haha. Looking back at these photos, I realized that I'm not wearing anything that's originally mine, except for my watch and bracelets. The shirt is my brother's, the sneakers are my mom's and the skirt, well it was actually a pair of shorts: my dad's military shorts. haha. I asked him if I could have them and then DIY'ed them to become a skirt. I hand-stitch my DIY's believe it or not. I'm afraid of the sewing machine. lol. :D

My baby: Jolo the Japanese Spitz. He's wonderful. I love him so much. ♥

My brother was mocking me, thus this face below... hahaha! XD

News flash! The University of the Philippines Pep Squad, won the UAAP cheerdance competition once again! I am oh so proud of my schoolmates! They're so inspiring! Oh! oh! and they went blonde for the competition!! They made me want to go blonde! ICE BLONDE! HAHA! :D

♥ Janine


Money can't buy me happiness...only a Photographer.

I asked my little brother if he could take photos of me. Naturally, he didn't want to, so I told him I'd pay him to do so. Kids don't want thousands of moolah, 20 pesos is enough for him to agree. haha. There's one problem though, he still doesn't know how to use my camera. I gave him a crash course. Good thing my Sony Alpha is extremely user friendly. (Endorsement right here. I should get paid for this. lol.)

See my background for this shoot, well, it's an abandoned house beside ours. Yay for creepy? haha. I went with it coz the garage was perfectly vacant and my brother and I couldn't afford to go far from our house coz our mom and dad are out. We were on house guard duty! :D

By the way, My outfit I think is inspired by the lovely Oana's style. I'd bet these shorts I'm wearing are almost the exact same style of shorts I saw in one of her stylish posts. You gotta check her out at Chictopia (http://www.chictopia.com/s3r3nity)! She's one of the most stylish, not to mention sweetest people I've ever met at chictopia. Chictopians are lovely and sweet I swear!

More details of my outfit below. :)

I got this ring for only.... wait for it....wait for it.... 25 pesos!! What a bargain! :D

Oh! I drew myself! It's actually something I do before wearing something. I draw myself to help me imagine what I would look like wearing it. I keep my drawings in one doodle pad. It also becomes my personal tried and tested lookbook. :)

My fave watch! I've had this since I was in highschool. It has an animated background. I made an effort of learning how to make gif photos just now so I could show you the animation. haha. :)

Jumpshot!! :D

Much love, Janine. ♥


Late bloomer Late blogger

I've recently acquired this habit of checking out blogs of lovely lookbookers and chictopians and I was inspired to make one myself. My blog was most especially influenced by Bebe Zeva's blog. I love her. She's become such an icon for me especially when I read the article on a newspaper about her encountering real life "mean girls" from highschool. I think she's lovely and Fated to be Loved and not Hated. :) I hope my blog is fated to be loved too. haha.

For my first post, I've decided to use my first "my hair is dyed already" photos... :D

~ ♥ Janine