My thoughts for this week: time, growing and love.

>about time.. i've realized that time is weird.. it's so slow when you want it to be fast, yet so fast when you want it to be slow.. I've never been good at managing my time.. but recently, i found myself wanting to do be so good at it... have time for work.. have time for studying.. have time for myself... have time to do what I love to do.. have time to spend with the one whom I love.. although the last two, I can say, are synonymous..
>I've learned A LOT.. I've come to a realization that I've grown, not physically (obviously), maybe mentally (of course), I've grown as a person.. if not "grown", then "growing", more rapidly.. I may not be the serious type of person whom you can call mature.. but i think i can say i'm "becoming mature, but still loving my childish ways".. laughing or crying my heart out, being optimistic all the time etc.. those things remain.. but I think at this point in my life, I'm beginning to balance immaturity and maturity already.. like for example, in handling problems, be optimistic like a child, yet decide like an adult..
>about love.. I've realized a lot of things about love... love is a curious thing.. it makes you do a lot of crazy things.. it makes your heart sing.. it makes you smile unconsciously often.. it makes you feel giddy.. it makes you anxious... it makes you ecstatic.. it makes you want to hug and kiss all the time.. it creates a wonderful mixture of emotions stir up inside you that you can't explain.. it makes you feel like you can do anything, as if you're a superhero.. it gives you strength.. it makes you do things you've never had the courage to do before.. it gives you hope.. it gives you something to look forward to everyday.. it makes you feel alive.. it makes you inspired and motivated... it makes you want to do your best all the time.. it makes you want to be the most awesome person there is..  it makes you sweet.. it makes you a poet or a song writer if you grab a pen or a musical instrument and dig deeper into your emotions.. it makes you want to be someone absolutely worthy to be loved by your significant other.. it makes you want to be with that special someone always.. and when i say always, i mean ALWAYS and FOREVER.

~ Janine

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