3 in 1 day

    Roadtrip plus visiting my younger brother Jules plus going out and eating at the mall. I really enjoyed this day coz it's not very often that my Dad gets to have free time from work. Plus most of the time, when he does get free time, well, he's not supposed to go anywhere far so they could contact him anytime. Alas, we can't either.
    Anyways, today I'm wearing an oversized button up collared shirt bought from the old ladies' section at the department store, haha. I just couldn't find one from the teens' station that fits perfectly and looks good on me as an oversized shirt. I'm also wearing my new fave, a bandage skirt. I love how (with the right complimentary  items) it can look casual, chic etc. It's quite versatile. For the day I decided to wear my skirt with sneakers so that I could still be comfy, jump, run about and do whatever the heck I want during the short road trip. haha.

Photo below says, "I'm having fun!" My mind here says, "Oh god it's so hot I'm dehydrating." hahaha. I still had fun though under the scorching heat of the sun.

I took a photo of a cutie kid. :]

At the cemetery!... Yes that sounded weird, but we visited my brother Jules there. He's an angel now. :)

Me, my mom, my youngest brother Ryan, and my angel brother Jules. :]

Two of my fave rings from my ring collection. :)

Well, toodles for now. Much love ~ Janine ♥


Shop Around the Corner

Today, surprisingly, I went out. haha. Oh yes, the sudden brightness of the sun hurt my eyes at first (Vampire oh my gosh. haha), but I had a great time with some old friends. The coffee shop is cute. I guess I can say the owner has nice taste when it comes to interior designing and stuff like that. I ordered Baked Ziti and Tsokolate eh! which in my opinion should be Tsokolate eh? *a joke only my friends who were with me will understand* HAHAHA. Anyways, the baked ziti was good. I enjoyed it. :) Although I think my two friends (photo immediately below) didn't enjoy their charcoal burgers. haha. We will def go back there still, but this time we'll know what to order and what NOT to order. Still recommendin the cute cozy place though! Enjoy the pasta! And my friend said that the ice blended coffee there is yummy! :D (photos courtesy of A. Oliquino)

PS. No style photos today. I didn't get to take outfit photos. Maybe tomorrow! :)

Toodles for now! Much love ~Janine ♥


Looklet makes it possible

I’m soooooooooo busy! *makes a sad/tired face* but I just CANNOT resist visiting chictopia, checking out all the lovely posts there and posting (though now I can’t post any photos of mine coz I don’t have any yet, so I just styled a model at looklet. )! Anyways, I’m so bummed coz I can’t comment on anyone’s post  there right now. I have too many stuff to do, oh my, I shall see chictopia again next week! I won’t be too busy then, hopefully. Toodles for now! Much love to you all! ~Janine


Le trip

Recently went on a trip to Nueva Ecija and Clark. A big WOW at the sceneries along the way. Here are some of the gorgeous views we've encountered.

We saw lots and lots of rice fields! The place was so beautiful and the sun was hitting it perfectly right, so I just HAD to make my dad stop the car for a moment so I could have my photo taken there! :D

I'm already wearing the ring I bought recently. :D

The following day.... :)

Much love, Janine ♥


Bipolar Weather... Meet your match.

The weather here is so bipolar right now. Today the weather was quite warm when I woke up, but then when the afternoon came, rain started pouring and the weather turned so cold all of a sudden. Alas, I opted for a bipolar ensemble as well. Cold: jacket, plus scarf. Warm: Off with the jacket and just stick to my gray dress. :)
Again, this photo was taken by my (paid) little brother. haha. :D

Unfortunately, due to the awful cold weather, there are no more photos for this ensemble. :(

I recently bought this two finger cross ring from an online shop owned by a friend of mine (The shop is called The Vintage Ramp. You can check out their stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/thevintageramp)

Here's a photo of the ring I bought..

I am now on the search for more awesome rings! Here are some ideas I've seen by searching the net (by net I mean Google images. haha! )...

My absolute favorite is the one below! Isn't it adorable?! ♥♥♥

Much Love, Janine ♥


Dude I'm not a dude

Hoorah for the end of the first semester! A short break from the University life. Ahh. Relaxation. haha. Anyways, these photos were taken by my (paid) 13 year old brother. We were going out and I wanted to wear something super comfy and I didn't really feel girly today, so, voila! this androgynous look. :)
The shirt is my brother's. It used to have a collar, but I didn't really like how it looked so snip snip, off it goes. haha. Oh, and I'm also wearing my very first pair of brogues! Yay! I love them. ♥ :)
Sorry I don't have any close up photos for this outfit. I'm wearing Indian bangles by the way, plus my fave ring and my ancient watch. haha. :)

Much love, Janine ♥


Kid at Heart

What's inspiring me these days is the Zara Kids collection! Oh my gosh they're all so adorable! I would wear these clothes myself if they would fit me! I bet they would; considering I'm so small and all that. Maybe I just have to buy the large kid sizes. haha!:D

My absolute fave? This cutie right here below. Isn't she the prettiest cutest absolutest mostest stylish-est? haha!

Awesome stylish photos oh so available online. Oh! Oh! And I found this gorgeous sequin dress at Zara's website! *drools*

Much love, Janine ♥