Dude I'm not a dude

Hoorah for the end of the first semester! A short break from the University life. Ahh. Relaxation. haha. Anyways, these photos were taken by my (paid) 13 year old brother. We were going out and I wanted to wear something super comfy and I didn't really feel girly today, so, voila! this androgynous look. :)
The shirt is my brother's. It used to have a collar, but I didn't really like how it looked so snip snip, off it goes. haha. Oh, and I'm also wearing my very first pair of brogues! Yay! I love them. ♥ :)
Sorry I don't have any close up photos for this outfit. I'm wearing Indian bangles by the way, plus my fave ring and my ancient watch. haha. :)

Much love, Janine ♥