Shop Around the Corner

Today, surprisingly, I went out. haha. Oh yes, the sudden brightness of the sun hurt my eyes at first (Vampire oh my gosh. haha), but I had a great time with some old friends. The coffee shop is cute. I guess I can say the owner has nice taste when it comes to interior designing and stuff like that. I ordered Baked Ziti and Tsokolate eh! which in my opinion should be Tsokolate eh? *a joke only my friends who were with me will understand* HAHAHA. Anyways, the baked ziti was good. I enjoyed it. :) Although I think my two friends (photo immediately below) didn't enjoy their charcoal burgers. haha. We will def go back there still, but this time we'll know what to order and what NOT to order. Still recommendin the cute cozy place though! Enjoy the pasta! And my friend said that the ice blended coffee there is yummy! :D (photos courtesy of A. Oliquino)

PS. No style photos today. I didn't get to take outfit photos. Maybe tomorrow! :)

Toodles for now! Much love ~Janine ♥