3 in 1 day

    Roadtrip plus visiting my younger brother Jules plus going out and eating at the mall. I really enjoyed this day coz it's not very often that my Dad gets to have free time from work. Plus most of the time, when he does get free time, well, he's not supposed to go anywhere far so they could contact him anytime. Alas, we can't either.
    Anyways, today I'm wearing an oversized button up collared shirt bought from the old ladies' section at the department store, haha. I just couldn't find one from the teens' station that fits perfectly and looks good on me as an oversized shirt. I'm also wearing my new fave, a bandage skirt. I love how (with the right complimentary  items) it can look casual, chic etc. It's quite versatile. For the day I decided to wear my skirt with sneakers so that I could still be comfy, jump, run about and do whatever the heck I want during the short road trip. haha.

Photo below says, "I'm having fun!" My mind here says, "Oh god it's so hot I'm dehydrating." hahaha. I still had fun though under the scorching heat of the sun.

I took a photo of a cutie kid. :]

At the cemetery!... Yes that sounded weird, but we visited my brother Jules there. He's an angel now. :)

Me, my mom, my youngest brother Ryan, and my angel brother Jules. :]

Two of my fave rings from my ring collection. :)

Well, toodles for now. Much love ~ Janine ♥