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Do you ever get that feeling that you really want to see via the perspective of others? ..that feeling when you want to see using other people's eyes.. just out of plain curiosity. That "I-want-to-know-how-other-people-look-at-the-things-I-see" feeling.. I've had that feeling since I was a child. But of course, I thought it was impossible to see through other people's eyes.. until I actually found a way. I did. Photography. Photos, they’re a way to see what the photographer sees.. They transport you to a different world..their world.. The absolute best photos take us on a journey to realms our eyes may not be able to see without the photographer’s aid..

Before owning my own camera, I used to just sketch whatever I want to take a photo of. Sketching works well too.. but I really wanted my own camera.. soooo I convinced my mom and dad to buy me one using my “supposed to be” tuition payment money (I have a scholarship. I don’t pay for my own tuition.. not a single cent comes from me. Haha.). I convinced mom and dad by using the “I work hard to maintain my scholarship…” lines. :D

They gave me choices… Sony, Nikon or Canon… I really love Nikon… but we all agreed to buy Sony Alpha 290 and two lenses.. Went with it coz I’m just a noobie photographer and the Sony Alpha 290 is an oh-so-user-friendly DSLR… I love it!... Will practice with it and buy other more advanced camera’s when I’m better. J

Oh, and before I go yapping again, this post is actually about my new photo blog! I am loving it sooooo much.. here’s my url: dorkystuffaholic.jux.com J
And here are a few sneek peaks of what I’ve been posting there…

Toodles for now ~ Janine ♥

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