oh Pixie Cut

I went to my hair stylist at BenchFix today... I asked for a trim... and dun dun dun... I was shocked to see how much shorter my hair became... I don't dislike it. I'm just not used to it being too short... but my hair stylist told me it suited me coz I have a really small face and really petite features. anyway, I think I still need some time to get used to my now-uber-short hair... but I don't think I'd get used to it, coz by the time it gets to my comfort zone, my hair would be longer already. My hair grows extremely fast. haha. :D (I don't have photos of my uber short hair yet. I may post photos, or not. oh my gosh I can't seem to get used to it. :s)

I've actually researched more pixie styles on the internet just to, you know, compare a bit. :))) And, I've decided to post here today some of the pixie cuts I really like.

Rihanna... awesome.

EMMA!! Ever since she cut her hair short, I loved her style even more!

Agyness Deyn... perfect. I love her bone structure soooo much.

Keira Knightley... effortlessly gorgeous.

Twiggy!!!! ♥

Audrey Hepburn. Need I say more? ♥

~Janine ♥