Jar of Hearts

1. before I formally engulf myself in studying for my upcoming Analytical Chemistry exam, I opted for a quick break disguised as a photoshoot. credits to my tripod. :D
2. this dress is DIY’ed. I love it.
3. this blazer, which is silver inside and comes with an optional bow button, is from a thrift shop.
4. these shoes are my from my mom’s debut. I can’t believe they still look great and almost new. haha.
5. my earrings have heart prints on them.
6.overall, my outfit costs really and I mean REALLY cheap. :D
7. I really SHOULD be studying right now. haha. XD


I have been singing this song for weeks!! It won't leave my mind. It keeps playing and playing and playing and I think I'm gonna go crazy coz of it. hahaha. However, it did inspire me for my outfit. ♥

heart print earring! ♥

Much love, Janine ♥