Owl and Bear

   “We want what we don’t have”… something I’ve pondered upon for a while. It’s very true. I’ve witnessed it happening around me. I’ve even experienced it. People who are fair-skinned get tans. Those who are dark skinned buy all sorts of whitening products. Those who have curly hair get their hair rebonded and straightened. Those who have straight hair get their hair curled. Those who are short want to become taller. And no, not many tall girls want to get shorter. Haha. But, well, you get my point. 
     See, I’m a very short girl. When I was about 10 years old or something, I was so short and skinny, even skinnier than I am now. I get teased often. I think the teasing affected me so much. I got very awkward and shy. I was very insecure about the way I look. I wanted to look like all the other pretty girls… However, when I got older, I got more and more comfortable with myself. I suddenly realized that I shouldn’t be affected by what other people say. The more I got comfortable, the more I got confident. The more I got confident, the more I became happy. I said to myself, “Hey, screw what they say, I’m happy and I think I’m pretty.” I think that when you feel and believe that you ARE pretty, it comes out and shows in your aura or something, because now I’ve even been told that I am. :)
    Insecurities hold you back…hold you from living your life well. If you let them go and accept yourself the way you are, you’ll see that there’s more to life than just that. You’d be able to spend more time doing things that would be worth while and that would make you immensely happy.
We are all made beautiful. Those who say otherwise believe in certain standards which they think make someone or something beautiful. Well I say those standards are just plain bogus. Don’t believe them. :)

Here's my DIY bracelet. :)

Details on my top (United Colors of Benetton)...

Much love, Janine. ♥