Money can't buy me happiness...only a Photographer.

I asked my little brother if he could take photos of me. Naturally, he didn't want to, so I told him I'd pay him to do so. Kids don't want thousands of moolah, 20 pesos is enough for him to agree. haha. There's one problem though, he still doesn't know how to use my camera. I gave him a crash course. Good thing my Sony Alpha is extremely user friendly. (Endorsement right here. I should get paid for this. lol.)

See my background for this shoot, well, it's an abandoned house beside ours. Yay for creepy? haha. I went with it coz the garage was perfectly vacant and my brother and I couldn't afford to go far from our house coz our mom and dad are out. We were on house guard duty! :D

By the way, My outfit I think is inspired by the lovely Oana's style. I'd bet these shorts I'm wearing are almost the exact same style of shorts I saw in one of her stylish posts. You gotta check her out at Chictopia (http://www.chictopia.com/s3r3nity)! She's one of the most stylish, not to mention sweetest people I've ever met at chictopia. Chictopians are lovely and sweet I swear!

More details of my outfit below. :)

I got this ring for only.... wait for it....wait for it.... 25 pesos!! What a bargain! :D

Oh! I drew myself! It's actually something I do before wearing something. I draw myself to help me imagine what I would look like wearing it. I keep my drawings in one doodle pad. It also becomes my personal tried and tested lookbook. :)

My fave watch! I've had this since I was in highschool. It has an animated background. I made an effort of learning how to make gif photos just now so I could show you the animation. haha. :)

Jumpshot!! :D

Much love, Janine. ♥