DIY nail art # 7

As promised, here's my 7th DIY nail art. What to call it? I'm not really sure actually. But I guess it sorta looks like laser lights from a party, ooh! and the glittery top coat, well, reminds me of a club as well. I don't really go to parties, but i'm not ignorant about what club parties look like. Oh wait! I know what this nail art reminds me of now, KE$HA, kinda. :D

How I did this! Easy!:
1. apply the blue nail polish (feel free to change the color)
2. let it dry
3. cut tape into small strips
4. stick on your nails (whatever you want the stripes to look like)
5. apply the second nail polish color
6. remove the tape CAREFULLY
7. let it dry for a bit again
8. apply topcoat (in this case I used a topcoat which has glitters) 
9. voila! enjoy your fun nails! :D

Toodles for now! ~ Janine ♥

P.S. Slight mistake! This is my 8th DIY nail art, not 7th. I'm afraid I missed posting my Punk Skull nail art on my last blog post. :s