My Closet Necessity # 1

I wasn't sure what to post for.. well... a few days now, but today I've decided to include My Closet Necessities to my blog. Starting now. :D

I love button ups. Very versatile pieces. They can be used in layering. They also look lovely when worn unbuttoned with dresses and tank tops (what I usually do). They can also be worn as is with the perfect pair of jeans, or tucked in with a high-waisted skirt (short, midi, or even maxi). Ahh, button ups, how will I live without them? :)

oh! funny story about a particular sleeveless button up of mine, one of my absolute faves! It has this kinda lilac color... material is a wee bit on the sheer side. It so happened I found a huge stain on its collar just a few days back. I was devastated! But then, I thought it still looked great except for the stained part, sooooo, I decided to bleach it (strongly bleach it) and turn it all white. HELLO "BRAND NEW" sleevless button up! It kinda resembles the Dorothy Perkins one below. :D

(photo source: http://demicouture.ca/2011/07/13/10-collared-button-up-tops-youre-going-to-love/)

Toodles for now ~ Janine ♥