Random things you might not know about me

1. I believe in soul mates. Definitely.
2. I act crazy often, but there are times when I just want to be alone and think to myself... even talk to myself.
3. I get bored easily, but there is someone who FAILS to bore me. I can talk to that person for hours and hours and hours. If we weren't human, and we didn't have human needs (like sleep as a good example), well, I think I could talk to that person for eternity without stopping.
4. I sing & dance like a lunatic dork when I'm alone inside my dorm room. I sing & dance like a lunatic dork at home even though my family and I are in the same room.
5. When I was still just a teeny tiny kiddo, I thought "foot long" means the hotdog is as long as your foot. I told my mom it was unfair to those who have small feet.
6. If I were taller, I would try to pursue a ramp modelling career. lol.
7. I'm not tall, so I'll pursue a Food Technologist Career. :))
8. I love myself small or tall. ♥
9. I like science, but I'm actually more artistically inclined.
10. My dad's my idol. I would love to have loads of MS degrees balanced with awesome guitar and singing skills too. Though I would like to keep my drawing skills please. Dad can't draw. not to mention dance. HAHA.
11. I have the attention span of a squirrel. I sit in class, the lecturer starts, eager learning look on my face vanishes after 10 minutes.
12. I would love to join a play. I'm not sure if I can act though. haha.
13. I used to play the clarinet. After several years, I forgot how to play it. What's a clarinet again? :))
14. Contrary to what others think, I don't dress to impress, I just dress to express. See, I don't have time to draw and paint anymore, and even if I do, I'm often just too darn tired with all the school work. So, I dress up to satisfy my artsy fartsy feeling. It's kinda like I'm a piece of canvass and my clothes are oil pastels.
15. I am not "Bully Joke" tolerant. I only act like the jokes are ok. I hate feeling bad about myself, especially when it's "other people" implemented.
17. I'm a very cheesy showy emotional hopeless-romantic cry baby super-loving supercalifragilisticespialidocious person.
18.  I ABSOLUTELY hate it when someone calls me Bieber. I may smile at you, but deep inside, I'm pulling your hair out strand by strand. I can take any other joke, just not this! Ugh! And WTH i'm a girl for crying out loud! SERIOUSLY STOP. RUINS MY DAY EVERYTIME. Not mad at people though. Just mad at the joke. :)
19. I am very spontaneous. Plus my thoughts are soooo random. I often jump from 1 idea to another in just a few seconds. oh! did you hear about that one time when.... oh! look a squirrel! :)))
20. I do my own nail arts without any proper nail art tools. I just use whatever the heck I can find at home which I think'll suffice.
21. I love thrift stores. And I love my mom's old closet of old clothes. I do buy branded clothes too, but hey I'm not brand conscious. I don't care as long as it looks great.
22. I think I want to go back to Australia and build a house there. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Philippines of course. It's my home after all. Not planning to "LEAVE" leave.. Just planning to have houses in other countries as well. I just fell in love with Australia too much. Plus my family & I miss our friends there.
23. I want to learn several languages. I want to understand everyone when they're talking. I don't want subtitles. :)))
24. I'm currently studying French & Korean (so hard!). I find that French is easier to study. oh and recently I've decided to study Japanese too.
25. I'm a lazy person, but I can force myself to move my ass and work hard whenever I'm feeling lazy.
26. There are times when I act like I know whatever the heck I'm saying even though I actually don't.
27. I love dogs. I have two: Jolo the Japanese Spitz (annoying sometimes, super smart, stubborn, hyper, easily excited, playful, sweet) & Matti the Dalmatian (obedient, loving, quiet, will never prioritize food over you, will drag you while you're trying to walk her)
28. I am 20 years young.
29. I am very impatient.
30. I am thinking of what to type right now. Decided I should just edit this post once I've thought of something else to add. haha. :))