I am an orange

Do you believe in soul mates? Ok, i know it's not exactly related to my "I am an orange" title, but this post is about my trip. (Went out with my Mom & Dad today. I had fun. The weather was bipolar, so the sweater dress ensemble is a necessity. :D ) Anyways, during the whole trip, whenever I'm inside the car, staring out the window, I was thinking about soul mates, fate, love, destiny, and stuff like that. Some people say the soul mate idea is stupid, but I sure don't. I do believe in the idea. I believe that there's someone out there for everyone. Someone who'll complete them. Someone who'll make their lives complete. It's a sweet idea.

One day, while watching a show about lost love, my mom said, "Your ONE GREAT LOVE will only drop by in your life once. You better be prepared, open your eyes because you're not supposed to let that person get away." I asked her, "But how will you know if the person you meet is yout ONE GREAT LOVE?"  Mom answered, "I'm not sure either. I guess you'll just feel it." Then she hugs and kisses dad and says, "but I am sure about one thing, this guy right here is my ONE GREAT LOVE" :)

ok. now time for photos from the trip! :)

That's all for now. Toodles! ~ Janine ♥