Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

As every Filipino knows, today, the 30th of December, is Rizal Day. But... only WE know that today is ALSO my Dad's Birthday! :)
Sooooo... we went out to eat lunch. We ate at Lipa Grill. Love that place. Awesome food is awesome. I somehow forgot to take photos of the food we ate though. I was too busy drooling and eating. haha.
Anyways, I did get to have my brother (and my dad. although it's his birthday. haha) to take photos of me for my blogs.
I woke up today not feeling girly. NOT AT ALL. so I decided to wear something with a bit of grunge feel to it. Just dull colors and just this lazy look. Photos below. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that my grandma, uncle and two cousins came with us. :) Utter chaos when my cousins are with my brother. haha.


Oooh! and I had Choco Banana Shake. Yum. I love it!! You should def try it at Lipa Grill. :)

My Dad and I are close. I guess I can say I'm a daddy's girl. I am his first child after all, and you know how dads are with their daughters.. :>

 Here's a photo of my mom and dad. Aren't they cute?? I must tell you, they're still soooooo sweet. Dad still seems like he's courting mom. :>

Love Birds. :>

Took a couple of photos from inside the car on the way back home.

Toodles for now ~ Janine ♥

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