Waves of gray

Today I remembered my great grandmama... she's so cute. she used to tell me to never leave the house without lipstick on. of course, i was just a kid back then and I never really liked make up. I still don't use make up much til now. When I have to look good, my make up is pretty much just eyeliner and lipstick/chapstick... I was never the "girly" kid. I used to sneak out of the house and go play in the streets with other kids playing there. I never liked dolls either. I hate dolls! They creep me out so much. the way they stare at you. *shivers* My mom and Dad bought me this walking talking doll once when I was little, I never played with it, I used to even kick it and stuff. It scared me sooo much. I think I watched Chucky a bit too early. haha.

Take a look at how different I look when I put the jacket and the aviator shades on. :))

~ toodles for now! Leaving you with this cute song by one of my favorite artists, Zee Avi :>

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