I write of the wind..the ocean..and you.

outside, the stormy wind speaks
inside your room you cannot feel it
you can, however, hear it
you know that it is there..

the blue ocean is vast
it is teeming with creatures below
from afar, you cannot see them
but you know of their presence, without a doubt..

my mind is connected to my mouth
my heart is connected to you
my mind is a mess.. as we both know..
it doesn't always do the right things to do.
my mouth has lose screws..
it doesn't always know the right things to say
but.. my love.. my heart..
it is in tact.. it is certain..
it shouts a single name..

from here, my heart shouts your name
from here, my heart kisses you..
where you are, you might not always hear it..
where you are, you might not always feel the intensity..
but like the wind, only stronger..
and like the creatures of the sea, only even more immeasurably immense..
you can be assured my darling..
that my love is there..
with you.. always.

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