Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

As every Filipino knows, today, the 30th of December, is Rizal Day. But... only WE know that today is ALSO my Dad's Birthday! :)
Sooooo... we went out to eat lunch. We ate at Lipa Grill. Love that place. Awesome food is awesome. I somehow forgot to take photos of the food we ate though. I was too busy drooling and eating. haha.
Anyways, I did get to have my brother (and my dad. although it's his birthday. haha) to take photos of me for my blogs.
I woke up today not feeling girly. NOT AT ALL. so I decided to wear something with a bit of grunge feel to it. Just dull colors and just this lazy look. Photos below. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that my grandma, uncle and two cousins came with us. :) Utter chaos when my cousins are with my brother. haha.


Oooh! and I had Choco Banana Shake. Yum. I love it!! You should def try it at Lipa Grill. :)

My Dad and I are close. I guess I can say I'm a daddy's girl. I am his first child after all, and you know how dads are with their daughters.. :>

 Here's a photo of my mom and dad. Aren't they cute?? I must tell you, they're still soooooo sweet. Dad still seems like he's courting mom. :>

Love Birds. :>

Took a couple of photos from inside the car on the way back home.

Toodles for now ~ Janine ♥



Today I stood in our backyard.. a midst the blooming flowers swaying.
The rays of the sun felt warm on my skin. The strong breeze, felt cool. I felt both.
Everything felt...and seemed to me, like it could be from a surreal movie..
I wasn't alone.. I could hear people doing their routines.. I could see my dog playing..
but I felt alone, not lonely, alone.. on purpose.. I like being alone with my thoughts sometimes..
As I stood there, consumed in my own little world.. I thought of my fears..
I thought of my fear of heights..I thought of my fear of enclosed spaces..
the fear of creepy crawlies.. the fear of small things... and then..
I sat down... I curled into a ball and hid my face... and thought of you...
the fears washed away.. little by little... and a stronger fear consumed me..
I fear of not being what you want anymore.. I fear of not seeing you..
I fear of not being your happiness anymore.. when you still are mine...
I fear of you not being by my side... I fear of losing you the most...

I write of the wind..the ocean..and you.

outside, the stormy wind speaks
inside your room you cannot feel it
you can, however, hear it
you know that it is there..

the blue ocean is vast
it is teeming with creatures below
from afar, you cannot see them
but you know of their presence, without a doubt..

my mind is connected to my mouth
my heart is connected to you
my mind is a mess.. as we both know..
it doesn't always do the right things to do.
my mouth has lose screws..
it doesn't always know the right things to say
but.. my love.. my heart..
it is in tact.. it is certain..
it shouts a single name..

from here, my heart shouts your name
from here, my heart kisses you..
where you are, you might not always hear it..
where you are, you might not always feel the intensity..
but like the wind, only stronger..
and like the creatures of the sea, only even more immeasurably immense..
you can be assured my darling..
that my love is there..
with you.. always.


Waves of gray

Today I remembered my great grandmama... she's so cute. she used to tell me to never leave the house without lipstick on. of course, i was just a kid back then and I never really liked make up. I still don't use make up much til now. When I have to look good, my make up is pretty much just eyeliner and lipstick/chapstick... I was never the "girly" kid. I used to sneak out of the house and go play in the streets with other kids playing there. I never liked dolls either. I hate dolls! They creep me out so much. the way they stare at you. *shivers* My mom and Dad bought me this walking talking doll once when I was little, I never played with it, I used to even kick it and stuff. It scared me sooo much. I think I watched Chucky a bit too early. haha.

Take a look at how different I look when I put the jacket and the aviator shades on. :))

~ toodles for now! Leaving you with this cute song by one of my favorite artists, Zee Avi :>



It's the start of Christmas vacation... well, for me, not really... atleast not yet... I have to finish the outline for my study first before I go celebrating the vacation. My study is about the microbial shelf-life determination (using accelerated shelf-life testing) of plain and cherry flavored yogurt. Gotta go talk about Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, spoilage yeast and molds *yawn* oops. I just bored myself. :))

Anyways, this is just another random noob photo shoot session using my beloved tripod again. I would like to share that the ginormous white cardigan used to be my mom's. vintage. *grins* And my leopard print top (alas the corny title above. lol.) was bought from my friends online shop. link here: https://www.facebook.com/thevintageramp.

I've been really in to wearing rings and bracelets lately. I don't know how it started. I'm actually collecting rings already. The huge ones. I love how they make a statement.

bangles below are from Malaysia. Indian bangles. They're awesome. My mom and I bought loads of these in different colors.

This cross ring below is still from https://www.facebook.com/thevintageramp. I think I should be payed by being an avid endorser. just kidding. :))) but yes, you should def go check out their shop. :)

I would like to officially introduce you my beloved Japanese Spitz. His name is Jolo.

oh, and if you have time, please do hype my look at lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/2809639-Def-LEOPARD

Thanks! Toodles for now ~Janine ♥


Wear a Happy Mask

insight... "What must be understood is that often, the right thing to do, is not the easiest thing to do, but it still must be done.. even if we have to sacrifice our own happiness. We can't hold on to things that we're already not supposed to hold on to. We don't want to let go, but sometimes we're FORCED to let go and if we did, hearts will be crushed, and who'll get hurt the most?: the one who made the decision. Life often requires us to make huge mature decisions. We just have to be strong and we need to practice acceptance.. even though it would feel like suicide." ~ me

(above: wedges from Mendrez, jeans from Penshoppe, bangles bought from Malaysia, top DIYed, sunnies from Tagaytay)

(below: rings from personal ring collection)

My look can also be found on lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/2778361-wear-a-happy-mask

~ Janine


Honey Bee

I am recently trying to cover Honey Bee by Z.Avi. This song is very close to my heart.
Anyways, I was actually feeling sick when I recorded this video below. Alas, it didn't turn out like what I wanted it to be. :|
I do have plenty more chances to record it better next time though. I'll be sure to record and post again... In the meantime, I hope you'd still like this unpolished version. :)

Also, here are my latest look uploads... :)

My dad decided to fool around while I was having my photoshoot session. haha. Gotta love this guy. :)

♥ Janine...